Oct 14, 2008

Ah Wicked Pissa

For Sox fans you've been here before. For Rays fans that was a baseball game; its a sport created by Abner Doubleday in the 19Th century which matches a hurler with a spherical object and eight of his gloved mates as they defend against nine other bipedal men who's intent is to squarely hit the round "ball" with a round club, or "bat," in an effort to circle the three bases and make it "home" in a counter clockwise fashion safely before the defense records three "outs." But, more on that later.

Its true, Sox fans, this is a post 2004 world we live in and there is no need to curl up in a ball of loathing a self pity. Besides, according to the McCain campaign and its surrogates you guys won the game decisively! When asked how the Sox did Gov. Palin replied "they did awesome" in her accent that is surprisingly less annoying then that of TBS analyst one of two, Buck Martinez. While it’s unsure which debate, um, I mean game the Governor was watching truth be told this isn't 2004, 2007, or even the ALDS last week.

As I’m writing this Papi just struck for his first hit of the series and it wasn't exactly in a clutch situation. Mike Lowell is going to have surgery, Ellsbury ironically has lost his spot to Coco this time around, the only way Beckett keeps up his rep as a Mr. October is if he dates this month's playmate, Mike Timlin gargles fish crap, Tek is washed up, Lester went from Bruce Hurst to Matt Clement, and Manny will be watching the World Series from his Holiday Inn in LA.

That being said, Soxaholix, take comfort in the fact that you still have a pulse, and if the Sox can take the series back to the Trop all of the pressure shifts to the young mo-hawked shoulders of the Rays. I've got a fever and the only prescription is hushed cowbells.

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