Oct 16, 2008

Dodgers done, Kent too?

A collective sigh of relief swept across Northern California as the LA Dodgers season came to an unusually late end Wednesday night. As the Phills made short work of the Dodgers I for one was sort of sad for our former mate, Jeff Kent.

Kent’s hall of fame career likely came to an end last night as he has been in decline for the past few seasons. Slowed by injuries, dwindling production and eventually relegated to the bench in the playoffs Jeff Kent isn’t the type who will hang on for money or an imbalanced sense of pride or self worth.

Kent will hang up his mirrored sunglasses, and trade in his bat for cross bow, go to his barber and get his Ivy-league part trimmed up and never be heard from again.

While it’s easier to feel sorry for Levi Johnston than anyone wearing a Dodger uni, I do share some empathy for Jeff Kent. He didn't often open up to the media but when he did it was usually in regards to his goal of winning a World Series. He never made it to the bottom of the pile with his teammates celebrating a World Series Championship. He came close a few times and could find himself in Cooperstown within a decade, but those of us who watched Kent play for any portion of his 17 year career know the accolades mean nothing to him.

Thank you, Jeff. It was a great career and we were lucky to be a part of it.

How will Giants fans remember Jeff Kent? Start the discussion.

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